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  • The DELTA HEALTH GROUP in collaboration with its United States partner company has embarked on an ambitious global outreach program to highlight its key competencies in the international healthcare arena.....[January 2024]

  • The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan has agreed to collaborate with the DELTA HEALTH GROUP and partner on United States FDA approved clinical R&D activities. DELTA has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with TABIB (State Agency of Hospitals and Medical Centers of Azerbaijan) on a broad-ranging partnership in the healthcare arena.....[June 2023]

  • DELTA HEALTH in partnership with its United States strategic affiliate company is collaborating on the clinical development of an implantable medical drug-device combination for providing post-surgical analgesia following total knee replacement surgery.....[March 2023]

  • The DELTA HEALTH GROUP in collaboration with its affiliate Tıbbi Danışmanlık in Türkiye is providing urgently needed medical assistance on the ground following the disastrous earthquake that has devastated thousands of lives.....[February 2023]

  • DELTA HEALTH is collaborating with a United States biotech company for the National Institute of Health (NIH) supported clinical development program of a bioengineered sphincter for the treatment of patients presenting with fecal incontinence  .....[October 2022]

  • DELTA HEALTH enters into an agreement with TrendTech, LLC to partner on a digital health platform for delivering highly specialized telemedicine services for patients in the Türk Devletleri Teşkilatı..[March 2022]

  • DELTA HEALTH moves forward with running the international Phase 3 clinical trial of bucillamine as an oral treatment option of mild - moderate COVID-19 in collaboration with its partners in Turkiye, the MLP Care Group of Hospitals and Istinye University.....[December 2021]

  • The US Government Department of Defense sponsored clinical trial [Operation Warp Speed (OWS) Project] to evaluate potential treatment options for COVID-19 kicks off with a number of physicians from DELTA HEALTH participating in the trial as Principal Investigators.....[October 2021] 

  • The DELTA HEALTH GROUP enters the world of Global Destination Medical Services with an agreement to represent one of the biggest international hospital chains offering state-of-the-art medical and surgical services.....[September 2021]  

  • DELTA HEALTH has entered into a bilateral, multi-year, mutual exclusivity agreement with the MLP Care Group of Hospitals and Istinye University Turkiye with the primary focus on the advancement of innovative medical care. In addition to other healthcare related activities, it also includes as sole mutually exclusive partners, developing and conducting international Phase 2 and Phase 3 drug development clinical trials at the MLP Care owned hospitals and clinics. MLP Care is the biggest hospital group of Turkiye and owns 30 state-of-the-art modern hospitals in the country.....[May 2021]

  • The DELTA HEALTH GROUP Medical Products Division commences operation as an international source of innovative healthcare product-lines.....[May 2021]

  • The DELTA HEALTH specialist physicians are operating humanitarian medical clinics to serve underprivileged COVID-19 patients in Asia.....[January 2021]

  • DELTA HEALTH has partnered with its strategic affiliate company to collaborate on the US Government Warp Speed (OWS) project focused on clinical trials exploring potential options for COVID-19.....[January 2021]

  • DELTA HEALTH has entered into a collaborative agreement with a multinational consortium to provide clinical development expertise for global interventional clinical trials related to the treatment of hospitalized COVID-19 patients.....[October 2020]

  • DELTA HEALTH is supporting an international clinical development program and its in-life phase clinical trial for a drug used for the treatment of insulin-induced hypoglycemia in Diabetics.....[September 2020]

  • DELTA HEALTH is supporting international drug development clinical trials in the indication for Myelofibrosis.....[June 2020]

  • The DELTA HEALTH team has risen up to the global challenge by strategically partnering with a start-up biotech company spearheading the development of a vaccine against COVID-19.....[May 2020]

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