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​The DELTA HEALTH GROUP is a global healthcare conglomerate focused on providing a comprehensive portfolio of innovative clinical drug development - PV expertise, a worldwide network of dedicated clinical trial investigative sites, international telemedicine, patient support programs, global destination medical services and an innovative medical products division.


Initially starting with the operation of a group of successful clinical trial investigative sites at the time of embarking on its journey more than two decades back, the DELTA HEALTH GROUP has progressively evolved and diversified its capabilities in the clinical drug development - PV arena and international healthcare.

We have been assisting partners in the healthcare sector optimize and develop reformulated drug products, new chemical entities, biologics and medical devices that aim to offer advanced therapies and an improvement to available patient care.

With a time-tested proven track record spanning over 20 years, the highly talented and experienced "Best-in-Class Specialty Providers" of our 

"A-Team" have led full clinical development programs that have resulted in successful regulatory approval of a number of prescription drug products from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Health Canada and other international agencies.

We are also one of the privileged few in the healthcare industry having extensive experience with direct in-person interaction and successful working collaboration with the US FDA and Health Canada.

The DELTA HEALTH GROUP has continued its expansion in the international arena and now operates clinical trial investigative sites specialized in conducting Phase 2 and Phase 3 drug development clinical trials. 

Our healthcare portfolio includes international telemedicine expertise with world-class medical specialists, patient support programs and global destination medical services. 


Strongly supporting innovation in healthcare, we have also diversified our capabilities into providing novel medical products to complement our motto  "Global Healthcare".  


The DELTA HEALTH GROUP global team of dedicated clinical drug development professionals, clinical trial investigators and telemedicine specialists includes general physicians, U.S. Board Certified Medical Specialists, U.K. General Medical Council Specialists and drug safety / PV experts. 

The clinical development and drug safety / PV groups have deep knowledge of legislation and broad based experience of the healthcare industry giving them the flexibility to work in major regions around the world. 

Our Advisory Board includes prestigious names in the world of medicine, including physicians on the faculty of major hospitals and university medical centers in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. 

To complement our international medical teams, the DELTA HEALTH GROUP is supported by experts from our GLOBAL DESTINATION MEDICAL SERVICES and INNOVATIVE MEDICAL PRODUCTS DIVISION. 

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